Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pink Hitler posters provoke fury

Although they were allied with Hitler in WWII, Italians have fewer hangups about it all because Italian Fascism was not antisemitic. When the Germans came looking for Jews people all over Italy hid them -- church institutions particularly. At one stage Castel Gandolfo -- the summer retreat of the Pope -- was full of Jews being kept out of sight of the Germans
"Giant posters of Hitler dressed in bright pink, with a love heart in place of a swastika, have provoked a furious debate in Italy. The 18ft high posters of the Nazi leader advertise a line of clothing for young people and adorn street corners and bus stops in Palermo, Sicily's biggest city.

The ads show the Fuhrer in a lurid pink uniform, with his swastika armband replaced with one bearing a bright red heart, above the slogan "Change Style – Don't Follow Your Leader".

Many local people say the advertising campaign is offensive and have called for the posters to be taken down.

But the advertising agency which came up with the idea said critics of the campaign were over-reacting. The Hitler poster was a tongue-in-cheek way of encouraging young people not to follow the crowd in their fashion choices.

"We have ridiculed Hitler in a way that invites young people to create their own style and not to be influenced by their peers," said the agency's Daniele Manno.



Anonymous said...

There are Che and Mao clothing lines with the public being rather indifferent about them, but put Hitler on a poster and suddenly they're offended. The world's IQ is rather low.

Bobby said...

Mao killed millions, Che killed hundreds, yet the public at large doesn't seem to realize it or doesn't seem to care.

Hmmm... said...

The overwhelming majority of people who find any image of Hitler offensive, are jews. Yet, because of their well-known political preferences, jews "never" find a problem with any of the worlds Communist, Marxist, or Socialist mass murderers, even though they made Hitler look like a rank amateur. Why is that?

And BTW, old Adolf was in fact, a Socialist.

Anonymous said...

Socialist? Fascist? Catholic? -Hitler was just mad!

Bobby said...

So 2:35 AM is going on the "blame it on the Jews" bandwagon. This is funny considering how anti-semitic/anti-Israel the typical European is.

Anonymous said...

Making dangerous characters objects of derision is one way to take away their power, however, it also tends to minimise their evil.
Tough one this.

Anonymous said...

"the typical European is" - so having made that continental-size generalization, you will have to accept the validity of at least some of the statements about the "typical American", few of which are exactly flattering!