Sunday, May 16, 2010

SCOTUS nominee Kagan has her own version of the First Amendment

We read:
"Elena Kagan's explanation of the First Amendment: It's perfectly OK, she wrote in the University of Chicago Law Review, for the government to restrict free speech as long as it means well and calls it something else. The word "restrictions" sounds bad, like a leather restraint, but Mzz Kagan's "redistribution of speech" can sound benign, like free cheese. Who doesn't like cheese? She argued that the government can employ Orwellian restrictions on speech if it thinks such speech might "harm" others, either by direct action or inciting someone else to take direct action. Who gets to decide when such restrictions are imposed for the greater good? Why, the government, of course.

She does not identify, exactly, what speech the government could regard as inflicting such "harm" as to justify suspending the Constitution, but she offers as examples incitement to violence, "hate speech" and "fighting words." Since certain friends of the White House have suggested that "tea party" activists may have already been guilty of sedition, we can imagine what some of the violations might one day be.



Anonymous said...

And this is just the begining. You won't see her/his/it's full communist ideology come out until "after" the robes go on. It's just another way for Obummer to treat the American people like the weak, mindless fools they are.

Anonymous said...

Like Pelosi said with the healthcare bill, "You have to pass the bill to find out what's in it".

It appears His nominees are going the same way. We have to approve them before we can find out what they're about.

Anonymous said...

That he can get away with this doesn't say much for the people, does it.

Anonymous said...

"That he can get away with this doesn't say much for the people, does it."

It says a lot, an aweful lot...
For starters it says that the dumbing down of the American people, the process of turning the electorate into mindless drones who'll accept anything as long as it's glossed over in nice words by a skilled communist speech writer, is just about complete.

Bobby said...

I wouldn't be so pessimistic about the American people. Glenn Beck has millions of viewers, Fox News is #1, the Tea Parties are huge, the NRA is second only to the AARP, the tide is turning against Obama. It's hard to fight every issue because Obama makes too many mistakes to count, Beck talked about how progressives can desensitize you to their stupidity which is why Americans aren't always quick to respond. However, by November it is likely that republicans will take back the country, if we own the house and the senate how is Obama gonna pass his laws? By executive order? I don't think you can use that power for cap and trade. I hope Obama is a one term president, I hope the GOP finds someone like Ronald Reagan so we can save America once again.

Anonymous said...

" by November it is likely that republicans will take back the country"

you won't. The leftists rigged the '08 elections and got caught (yet got away with it because of technicalities), they've learned from that no doubt and will do even better next time.

And now they've enough of their people in the high courts, in government, etc. etc. to ensure that no complaints will ever be even taken down by a court clerk.

Anonymous said...

Let's all stop sugar-coating the issue. The fact is that Elena Kagan is a Liberal through and through. And because of that, her views will always, repeat ALWAYS, be differing from and in opposition to the Conservative viewpoint. And because of that, Conservatives must stand firm and do what it takes to ensure that such a Liberal does not sit on the Supreme Court bench.

Nutcase said...

"That he can get away with this doesn't say much for the people, does it."

Well, not so fast.

When the healthcare bill was being decided, millions showed up at their doors. Millions more called, wrote letters and e-mailed.

The last poll before the vote showed an approval of the bill of just 30-35%.

So don't blame “the people" for being stupid (some are, they voted for this moron) the real problem is the fact that the DemonRats just are not listening to "the people."

If they are hell-bent on doing what they want no matter what we say, what can anyone do?

November is a long way off and impeaching them is next to impossible.

So you tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do?

And if your unsure of what to call that, the founding fathers know what it was...