Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube clips of homeless “gotta stop,” says Canadian Indian chief

Truth about layabout natives should be censored?
"Rat Portage First Nation Chief Ken Skead says he's upset with the people, who are posting videos of homeless people on the Internet. The clips, which are listed under the sarcastic title Kenora's Finest, shouldn't be there, he said. "That's not proper," he told the newspaper last Tuesday. "It bothers me a lot and I don't want them to appear."

The postings are accompanied by dramatic music, and they've attracted a few thousand views each. There are also comments, which date back at least five months. "It's just gotta stop," Skead said, adding they didn't add anything to relations between the First Nation and city residents.


Apparently Google is being asked to remove the video. Google owns YouTube.


Anonymous said...

If the ads are coming from any part of the Left, google will not remove them.

Wes said...

Instead of working to solve the problem, let's just censor so we don't look at the problem. Ken Skead sounds like an ostrich to me.

McNasty said...

"It bothers me a lot and I don't want them to appear."

Like who cares what he wants. I want to be 30 years younger & know what I know now but it ain't gonna happen. Screw him and the white horse he rode in on.

Anonymous said...

If homeless people "bothers" he so much, he should do something about getting people off the streets and into a home, instead of trying to sweep the problem under the rug; or he is bothered that a citizen is posting videos of homeless on YouTube for everyone to see.

Unknown said...

YouTube search for 'Kenora's Finest' leads to: "This video has been removed by the user. "

45skyfire said...

for those of you that have seen it, like me, you'd see priviledged white kids driving around recording street people and making fun of them. Those morons have too much time on thier hands to take the time to edit...record music...and upload thier videos but then again what should you expect coming from white kids in a dumb hick town? You will,however,notice that those boys dont have any females with them cuz apparently girls arent attracted to pimple faced morons who dont have nothing better to do. One thing for sure, those inbred little shits are lucky i never saw them film around town otherwise the only way they'd get thier camera back would be through the help of a proctologist

Anonymous said...

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