Friday, January 15, 2010

NJ: Mom faces charges for cussing out principal

Sounds like she had provocation. Claims of sexual abuse are not normally taken lightly. But if the kid had taken a butterknife to school THAT would no doubt have provoked a big uproar.
"A New Jersey mother has been charged with disorderly conduct after cursing out a middle school principal, reported. Cindy Schwalb, the girl’s mother, accused a boy in her 13-year-old daughter’s class of pulling down the girl’s pants in front of other students at Hasbrouck Heights Middle School, MyFoxNY reported.

Schwalb became upset when the incident didn’t receive as much attention as she would have liked at a school board seminar.

She became even more upset after the district superintendent asked her whether her daughter was wearing a thong at the time of the incident. …

After the meeting, Schwalb allegedly cursed out the school’s principal, Edward Bocar.”



Anonymous said...

The mother did pick a very poor venue for bringing this up, something that should have been done in a private setting to keep from increasing her daughter's embarrassment and would have allowed the Principal to more openly discuss the problem and what he could do about it.

A lot of the frustration she vented could have been avoided had she taken this up in private.

Anonymous said...

Anon, it's quite obvious you have no children. The mother had every right to be outraged at the conduct of the Board, and especially the "very" inappropriate underwear question from this political hack. I only hope she has the sense to hire a good lawyer and make this school board pay, and also file charges against the boy who started the whole mess, since that's a clear case of sexual assault.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Anon 1:14,

According to the article, this happened after the meeting. The mother apparently did pick a more private setting to discuss this with the principle, rather than doing it during the meeting itself.

Anonymous said...

Funny, and oh so typical, how the MSM made it appear that she was an out-of-control aggressor. In the meeting!

We The People said...

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