Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black British councillor could face jail after calling Asian opponent a 'coconut' during budget debate

We read:
"A black councillor who called an Asian colleague a ‘coconut’ during a meeting is facing a possible prison sentence after being charged with racially aggravated harassment. Liberal Democrat Shirley Brown, 47, used the term to describe Jay Jethwa at a Bristol City Council budget debate last year. The jibe is used to accuse someone of betraying their native culture and pandering to 'white' opinion - as the coconut is brown on the outside and white in the middle.

Conservative Mrs Jethwa, 41, said she had not experienced such a severe insult since she came to the UK from India 24 years ago. Mrs Brown used the term after Councillor Jethwa championed a Tory motion to cut funding for the Legacy Commission, which commemorates the abolition of slavery.

The incident on February 24 plunged the council into a race row and prompted a formal complaint by the Conservative Party to the council's head of legal services. In July last year, Mrs Brown was suspended for a month by the council's Standards Committee for using ‘offensive and abusive language’.

But this was overturned on appeal by the Adjudication Panel for England Tribunal Service in September and Mrs Brown remains in her post pending the outcome of her appeal. Avon and Somerset police began investigating the incident in March 2009 and Mrs Brown has now been summonsed to appear before Bristol Magistrates Court on February 15. If the case goes to crown court, the maximum sentence is two years in jail.

Mrs Brown insists the comment was not racist and says it was intended to mean that Mrs Jethwa was ‘in denial of her roots’.


It is a sad day when it is considered insulting to say that someone has values regarded as characteristic of whites.


Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when you go to prison in a country that's supposed to have free speech over something you say.
It's a good day when a black is branded a racist and the courts (and thus the law) agree.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that it is considered normal to put your race above your district - you are meant to vote black/asian/native/etc. before everyone - unless, of course you are white, then you have to vote against your race or you are racist.

Anonymous said...

My guess is the law was passed by blacks and the pc dopes and now it is turned on one of their own. Makes me smile. Stormewaters

We The People said...

A black, female, liberal, Demoncrat being charged with racially offensive language? How can a person belonging the four most protected classes be charged with racism? And in Britain! What's the world coming to! Can it be that we're starting to see a return to sanity, common sense, and true justice? No, i don't think so either.

Anonymous said...

I hope they lock her up. How does it feel now, liberals?

Anonymous said...

As i've always said, when you blow away all the PC'ized smoke and liberal lies, you will find that, generally speaking, blacks tend to be far more racist than anyone else. Like it or not, it's a fact.

Anonymous said...

It's because "blacks" (whichever country they live in) come from an impoverished background where ignorance and prejudice flourish. It wasn't their fault originally but as time passes the excuses become more feeble.

Anonymous said...

Those times past many generations ago, and since then, they have lived on the lies their liberal leash-holders have fed them. Their addiction to drugs, alcohol, violence, fostering an endless number of off-spring with every female they meet, (every kid is another check) and govt hand-outs is a very tough one to break, especially since most don't want to break it.