Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beaver is history thanks to spam filters

We read:
"CANADA'S second-oldest magazine, The Beaver, is changing its name after 90 years because the title is too often censored by online porn filters, preventing it from reaching new online readers.

The Winnipeg-based magazine was launched in 1920 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Company and the fur trade that led to the early exploration of Canada. But in modern times, the term "beaver'' has become slang for women's genitals.

"The Beaver was an impediment online,'' publisher Deborah Morrison said. "Several readers asked us to change the title because their spam filters at home or at work were blocking it,'' she said. "I've even had emails bounce back because I had inadvertently typed the term in the heading.''

"Nearly a century ago, it probably seemed the perfect name for a magazine about the fur trade and Canada's northwest frontier. There was only one interpretation for the word then. "But you're likely to find a lot of (porn) sites now if you search for the title of our history magazine online,'' she said.

Print subscriptions to the Winnipeg-based magazine, which publishes six issues a year, range between 45,000 and 50,000. It is published by Canada's National History Society.

The magazine that chronicles Canada's past will publish its last issue under the old banner in February/March. Thereafter, it will be known under the less evocative name of Canada's History.


It must be difficult to circulate info about Castor canadensis (below) as well.


Harold Muff said...

The name change is a good idea, because whenever i think of beaver, the last thing i want to see is Canada.

Bobby said...

This reminds me of that scene in naked gun where the woman climbs some stairs, the cop looks up her skirt and says "nice beaver" and then she comes down holding a beaver, pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

pretty fucking stupid idea..typical canadian idea

Anonymous said...

Next you won't be able to find help on the internet for your sick PUSSY cat:) Stormewaters

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is well on it's way to destroying our lives and our world. And the peoples response to it?


Anonymous said...

Let's rename the magazine, "The Vagina," and I doubt it would be filtered.

Anonymous said...

Good point. No one said anything about that Broadway play (see: flop) The Vagina Monologues.