Saturday, January 02, 2010

Jews beginning to shout back

Shouting back is a deplorable way to have a discussion but shouted Leftist hate-speech does deserve some answer
"The first anniversary marking Operation Cast Lead, this week saw a surge of anti-Israel demonstrations – often billed as “Gaza Freedom Marches” – taking place throughout the Arab and Western worlds. But one rally in San Francisco, a city infamous for political activism hostile to the Jewish state, was met with an unexpectedly assertive Zionist counter-protest.

San Francisco Voice for Israel, a local pro-Israel group affiliated with the StandWithUs organization, has since 2004 been publically confronting what the group terms “anti-Israel hate speech” in the California Bay Area. Taking no position on Israel’s borders or on the fate of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, SFV4I attempts to present Israel as a Western democracy closely allied to the United States. To that end, the group holds regular counter demonstrations – often featuring American flags alongside Israeli ones – across from more belligerent and sometimes violent anti-Israel forces.

But this week the Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA) of Northern California, a new factor in the Bay Area Jewish scene with a much younger membership than other pro-Israel groups, joined SFV4I and for the first time succeeded in turning the tables on the anti-Israel demonstrators. Rather than talk about Israeli democracy, the Alliance assertively pushed a message of Jewish national rights to all territory between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River. Caught off balance by the unapologetic and forceful Zionist message, anti-Israel activists, although employing their familiar tactic of presenting Israeli policies in a negative light, found themselves unable to challenge the assertion of Jewish rights.



?? said...

a) San Francisco is ground-zero for Leftists.

b) Most Leftists are jews.

So can this be described as Leftist in-fighting?

Bobby said...

Jews aren't 20% of the population ??, thus they are not the majority in the leftist movement.

The liberal movement attracks lots of self-hating whites, minorities, protestants from liberal denominations, catholics, academics, the college brainwashed, etc.

San Francisco is ground zero for "progressive" politics, in that we do agree.

But i wouldn't call this "leftist in-fighting," since there are groups of so-called "jews" that are against zionism and the state of Israel. Thus jews who are pro-Israel at if not conservatives at least close to the center.

Limbaugh says that liberals hate success and love failure, maybe that's why they love the Palestinians and arabs, Israel has accomplished more in 50 years than the arabs in their entire history.

They have won nine Nobel prizes, three in chemistry.

Palestine only one, that was Yasser Arafat for peace, LOL.

Pakistan 1, Algeria 2, see what I mean? The arabs with all their advantages have accomplished very little. Saudi Arabia wasn't even on the list even though they're one of the richest countries in the arab world.

Anonymous said...

Bobby that was extemely well put, my hat off to you.

Bobby said...

"Bobby that was extemely well put, my hat off to you."

---Thanks, I appreciate that. Are you the guy that always challenges whatever I say? If so, it's very touching that you like it.

Anonymous said...

Bobby said...
"Jews aren't 20% of the population ??, thus they are not the majority in the leftist movement."

Bobby, that sounds like an Abbott and Costello routine. What does the percentage of jews in this country have to do with the percentage who are leftists? If they made up only 3% of the population, they could still account for 90% of the left. That jews make up the overwhelming majority of the left (liberal, socialist, etc.) is not only a fact, but a well-known fact.

Bobby said...

"If they made up only 3% of the population, they could still account for 90% of the left."

---That makes as much sense as saying that jews are 90% of the lawyers, doctors, and businessmen in America.

Do the math, this country has 300 million people, only 3% are jews. If leftwingers are 20% of 300 million how can 90% of those be jews?

In fact, if all jews in America decided to vote republican tomorrow, it wouldn't matter, 3% doesn't make a big difference in an election unless you're standing at 51% and your oponent at 49%.

Anonymous said...

even SINCE 9-11 Jews are the number one victim of religious "hate" crimes in America yet the news fawns over the "injustices" and profiling that Muslims "endure"