Saturday, January 02, 2010

British park ranger fired over 'racist joke' wins £40k compensation after tribunal tells council 'skin colour is a fact of life'

We read:
"A park ranger sacked for asking a black colleague if he 'put polish' on his legs has won £40,000 compensation after a judge ruled that skin colour is a 'fact of life'. Michael Farmer said he was branded racist and even falsely accused of being a member of the British National Party after making the comment.

Lambeth Council sacked him under its 'zero tolerance' policy on racism after two disciplinary hearings.

But employment judge Lindsay Hall-Smith has ruled that he was unfairly dismissed, saying: 'An individual's race or colour is a fact of life. It does not follow that alluding to such matters to or in the presence of the individual concerned necessarily involves racism or less favourable treatment of the individual.' ...

Mr Farmer, who has previously set up a black youth community football team, said the idea he was racist 'was the antithesis of what I stand for'.

A Lambeth Council spokesman said: 'We have a responsibility to take grievances from our staff seriously and investigate them rigorously, but we accept the ruling of the tribunal.'


More taxpayer money down the drain


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should change the name of the policy to, "zero common sense".

Geoffrey Sturdy said...

Lambeth Council (along with Islington) has always been known here for its "loonie left " attitudes - it is also known for
1.Charging the higest council tax
2.The poorest record in collecting rents from it's own housing stock

Sums the left up in a nutshell

Wes said...

"We have a responsibility to take grievances from our staff seriously and investigate them rigorously". Appearently they did not do any investigating and it cost the public a lot of money. If the money came from the council's own pocket, you could bet they would be a lot more "rigorous".