Friday, December 11, 2009

So much for the First Amendment if you criticize Obama policy

We read:
"So much for the First Amendment. Morris Davis, the retired Air Force Colonel who served as the Chief Prosecutor of the Military Commissions at Guantanamo from September 2005 until his resignation in October 2007, has just lost his job at the Congressional Research Service (a branch of the Library of Congress) for writing, in his personal capacity, an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, in which he drew on his wealth of experience of the Commissions to criticize the Obama administration for its decision to prosecute some Guantanamo prisoners in federal courts, and others in Military Commissions, and a letter to the Washington Post, in which he criticized former Attorney General Michael Mukasey for scaremongering about the administration’s decision to try Guantanamo prisoners in federal courts.”



Anonymous said...

This kind of stuff just infuriates me. What he does on his own time, as long as it's legal, is his own business. His company, government or not, has no right to tell him what he can and cannot do on his own time. If he was using government resources, that's another story, but he apparently was not.

Anonymous said...

Both of today's stories are about the left and their willingness to show their hatred of those who disagree with them. The left is driven by emotion over reason and that's the simple fact behind why leftists in power use that power to abuse anyone who crosses them and why leftist regimes end up killing so many people.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how most people thought fascism was defeated many years ago in Europe. Yet here we are looking at it's rebirth. I only hope history puts the blame for America's demise where it belongs, on the weak, mindless, and gullible American voters.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU siding with a former military man, a man opposed to Obama's policies?
Are they going soft?

Wes said...

As usual, the left is unable to debate the issue since the facts are not on their side so they try to silence their opponents.

Anonymous said...


"In his inaugural address, President Obama declared his intention to "restore science to its rightful place." But instead of staying home from Copenhagen and sending a message that the United States will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices, the president has upped the ante. He plans to fly in at the climax of the conference in hopes of sealing a "deal." Whatever deal he gets, it will be no deal for the American people. What Obama really hopes to bring home from Copenhagen is more pressure to pass the Democrats' cap-and-tax proposal. This is a political move. The last thing America needs is misguided legislation that will raise taxes and cost jobs -- particularly when the push for such legislation rests on agenda-driven science. "
– Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

This story is worse than you can possibly imagine.

The email was sent on the guy's personnel laptop and on his own time. He had arrived at work and received an email from a group saying that those who opposed the gay marriage law were bigoted, hateful and prejudiced. The guy responded.

A case could be made that his professional neutrality was compromised, but he had not covered the vote on the law, and his career path would not have put him in a position to write about it.

The newspaper is declining to comment on the story. The head of the group that wrote the original email is saying they didn't call the paper or demand the guy be fired.

(That doesn't even pass the laugh test.)

But here's the real kicker......

Larry Girard's wife was fired from her position from paper that is owned by the same management group.

A grievance has been filed and I would bet a lawsuit will follow.