Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Comment spam

One of the reasons this blog has a fairly active commenting community is that I make it as easy as I can to comment: No ID required; No moderation and no letter-copying task.

And that has worked surprisingly well for a couple of years. We have had no advertising masquerading as comments. Yesterday, however, there were a couple of examples of comment spam.

On the original site for this blog I was deleting around 500 examples of comment spam a day, which was no joke. So this could be a problem.

One way to discourage comment spam is to delete it promptly but I check the comments here only once a day -- when I post new content. So if anybody notices some comment spam, email me straight away on: jonjayray@hotmail.com and I will delete it promptly if I am online at the time



Dr. Yes said...

Yes Jon, the problem was much worse at the old site, but remember, it started the same way. Small. Also, it has been reported that some of these mysterious links can lead you to a serious virus. We should all be vigilant.

Anonymous said...

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