Monday, December 07, 2009

Must not agree with Glenn Beck

Certain opinions may not be held: In the twisted minds of the Left, it is racist to say that Obama is racist, apparently. No attempt to mount a rational argument about the matter: Just abuse. And if someone does try to look at it analytically ...
" has successfully urged over 80 advertisers to cut ties with Glenn Beck's show after he called President Obama "racist." Murdoch is now backpedaling to keep advertisers from dropping FOX altogether.

Last week, Murdoch said, "if you actually assess what he was talking about, [Beck] was right" to say Obama is racist. When heads turned, Murdoch's spokesman insisted, "He does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist."[4]

But the meaning of Murdoch's words was clear. And he hasn't agreed to stop FOX's race-baiting.
FOX's top hosts are using racism to whip up opposition to President Obama:


More details here. Glenn Beck claimed to see racism in some of Obama's decisions and words but you are not allowed to think that nor are others allowed think that, apparently. Obama CANNOT be racist and that is that. And don't you dare think otherwise!


J. Birch said...

If one takes a rational and honest look at most of the things Obama has done, (not said) not only since being elected, but throughout his life, it is not unreasonable for so many to see his actions as being racist, since rarely, if ever, has he done anything for Whites. In fact, in his radical world, he has often described White society as being the main evil. If you look at his radical political agenda, you will notice one main theme running through most of it, and that is, the redistribution of wealth. Going from those who earn and have, to those who do not earn but simply want.

But, as the far-Left knows from long experience, there's nothing like a charge of racism to put your enemies on the defensive, and to distract people from seeing what you're really doing. They have branded Beck (and others on the Right) as racists because they are causing the American people to wake up and see what's really being done to this country and it's people. Will the American people finally wake up? Nov. of 2010 will tell...

Use the Name, Luke said...

But John! Didn't you know…?

Non-whites can't be racist! And whites are always racist! Period!

… Or at least that's what Obama's pastor claimed. Therefore, it must be true! Right?!?


Anonymous said...

Hey, with the massive audience that Fox has, these advertisers are foolish for dropping their advertising. But if definitely offers an opportunity for their competitors to gain market share against them by advertising on fox news. Heck, you might even create an ad on Glenn Beck’s show that mentions that your competitor dropped their advertising from that show for political reasons.

Anonymous said...

Personally, i would be very happy to see some advertisers drop Fox, since that network shows nothing but commercials! But don't count on it. In the end, it's $$$ that counts.

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Anonymous said...

"Use the Name, Luke", don't forget that Obama is half White, so by definition, he certainly MUST be considered racist--at least half racist.

Just because someone has some black heritage does not wipe out the fact of any white blood they may have.

Anonymous said...

"don't forget that Obama is half White, so by definition, he certainly MUST be considered racist--at least half racist."

What a load of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01 AM replied: What a load of bullshit.

Which part? The fact that Obama is half white or that from the PC viewpoint, whites are always racist, so it stands to reason that if a man such as Obama is half white, then he should be considered half racist.

Anonymous said...

I SEE IT!!! The white half must be racist since all whites are racist. It stands to reason that Obama must be half a racist, I on the other hand must be 100% racist due to the fact I am 100% white. Stormewaters

Anonymous said...

Not bullshit, truth.

Whites are now considered racist against blacks by default simply for being white. Barack Obama is just as white as he is black.

This, of course, would be a complete non-issue if the Left wouldn't try to continually look for racism where none exists.

Anonymous said...

Stormewaters, you are absolutely correct. From the Left PC viewpoint, anything you say must be racist because you are white.

It must be the case. If it isn't then why does the Left continue to label any white person who disagrees with Obama racist?

Anonymous said...

Where's George Wallace when we really need him!

Anonymous said...

So where is the list of the companies? I would love to not send my money to them.

Anonymous said...

The list of advertisers can be found at

Anonymous said...

"Just because someone has some black heritage does not wipe out the fact of any white blood they may have."

You're forgetting the one drop rule. Once you're black you're black. There's no going back.

Bobby said...

"Barack Obama is just as white as he is black."

---Nope, he doesn't look mulatto or mestizo, while his mother may be white his skin is quite dark and so are his children.

Here's some pictures of mulattos so you can see how black Obama is in comparisson

It's what you can see that matters. My grandmother has blond hair and blue eyes. My aunt has blond hair and blue eyes. My mother doesn't, my father doesn't, and so I got stuck with brown hair, brown eyes. If I had a baby maybe it could have blond hair and blue eyes because of the recessive gene, but I can't call myself blond just because I have genes my body isn't using.