Thursday, December 03, 2009

No free speech allowed in free speech tunnel?

Confused thinking from the very "correct" campus at UNC-CH
"Last week, we received several pictures via e-mail of offensive, sexist and hateful attacks on UNC-CH women taken in the Free Expression Tunnel. The content of the photos is too misogynistic to reprint here. The tunnel writings target UNC women, but in the process reveal a disturbing mindset that attacks all women. Here are the thoughts of one individual who wrote to us expressing his concern:

“HUNDREDS of students are being exposed to and getting a message that this is OK behavior. Why would someone write this versus positive things about N.C. State football? Why wouldn’t someone cover it up during the roast and say that’s not acceptable as a Wolfpack family? Why isn’t it repainted over by other students yet? We don’t tolerate racial hatred on this campus but we DO tolerate a lot of sexism. Until we address that and take a stand, we will always be writing letters and having discussion about ‘isolated’ incidents.”



Anonymous said...

From the context of the post, I would say the Free Expression Tunnel in question here is on the campus of NC State University, not the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). They are two different schools and sports rivals, hence the presumably bad language about UNC-CH women, the call to say positive things about NC State sports and the reference to the "Wolfpack," NC State's mascot.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you give people the opportunity to be stupid, they will take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Funny - I love the fact that they have a free-expression tunnel but then complain when people freely express themselves.
You might disagree, you might find it offensive, but what part of 'free expression' don't you get?

Robert said...

If that "free speech tunnel" is on the UNC-Charlotte campus, then they at least know there are some among them where the hateful attitude is harbored. If the "free speech tunnel" is on a rival school's campus, such as North Carolina State, then it's more likely directed at those attending UNC-Charlotte than women. It's probably on a par with what students at UCLA and USC, or Alabama and Auburn, or Michigan and Ohio State, Texas and Texas A&M, etc., say about each other, especially when their football teams are about to play each other.