Saturday, December 19, 2009

BBC slammed over gay execution debate

For once I think the BBC have a point. If something's happening out there in the real world, you should be free to discuss it from all angles. It's a bit amusing when the BBC get censored though -- seeing they do so much censoring themselves.
"British politicians today condemned the BBC for hosting an online debate asking: "Should homosexuals face execution?" The debate on the government-owned broadcaster's Have Your Say Web site has now closed, and the title was changed to "Should Uganda debate gay execution?" after it provoked uproar online. It was in response to a proposed bill in Uganda that could lead to the death penalty for gay people.

On his blog Labour Member of Parliament Eric Joyce said: "What's happened here, I think, is that the BBC has attempted to tap into the Ugandan zeitgeist, if you will, and reflect the sort of discussions going on in Kampala." He said: "Is the BBC really there to provide credibility to a vile discussion around a profoundly hideous and savage piece of legislation?"

The BBC, in its Editor's Blog, defended its decision to host the debate. "The editors of the BBC Africa Have Your Say program thought long and hard about using this question which prompted a lot of internal debate," the post said. "We agree that it is a stark and challenging question, but think that it accurately focuses on and illustrates the real issue at stake."



Anonymous said...

Africa is a lost cause - whose egotistical leaders constantly have their hands out for money from the West (which mostly goes in their own corrupt pockets and not to their abused populations), and then have the cheek to accuse the same West of "neo-colonialism", "imperialism" and of course "racism".

Dr. Yes said...

Yes. All are "catch phrases" meant to get yet more money from the guilt-ridden, weak-minded liberals of the West, money that is never used to help the people of Africa, and more importantly, the wild animals of Africa.

As for this debate itself, everyone should know by now that gays do not like subjects discussed unless "they" control the discussion and subject matter.

Anonymous said...

So what the f*ck exonerates gays from execution? Why is this even a debate? Men and women have been executed, and gays are nothing more than men or women who don't agree with their birth gender, so if a gay person commits a crime for which the punishment is execution, then he/she/it should be fried like the rest.

Use the Name, Luke said...


I think the point was that executing people because they are homosexual is what is being debated.

Robert said...

Being homosexual is no crime. Neither is it a valid excuse to evade the consequences of committing a crime. If Uganda's bill is to target homosexuals for execution solely because they ARE homosexuals, such a bigoted bill is abhorrent. If their bill is more along the lines of "If homosexuals knowingly infect someone with AIDS, then such an act is tantamount to murder, and they shall pay the penalty for murder," then it is more understandable.

Bobby said...

The bill has nothing to do with AIDS, it punishes people for having the wrong sexual orientation. It's no different than the Spanish Inquisition.

I guess Uganda didn't learn from the Idi Amin regime they had.

Anonymous said...

Then again, some countries do know how to stop a problem before it gets out of control and starts demanding special rights, privileges, laws, and protections, above and beyond those enjoyed by the rest of the population. And besides, what Uganda does is Uganda's business. If gays are bothered by this, let them go there and protest.

And Robert, to many peoples around the world, homosexuality is a crime. To them, it is a crime against God and nature, as stated by most religions.

Some Americans (especially the govt) have the mistaken beleif that they can go around the world telling others how they should live, as if America is a perfect example. It is not! The best way to get others to live the so-called "perfect life" is by first making sure your own country is perfect. Only then do you have the right to expect it from others.

Anonymous said...

I guess then it was okay for the Germans to "execute" their own jewish population as under Nazi laws they were in effect criminals and traitors.

Bobby said...

"Then again, some countries do know how to stop a problem before it gets out of control and starts demanding special rights, privileges, laws, and protections, above and beyond those enjoyed by the rest of the population."

---I disagree with you, gays in most societies don't have the same rights as heterosexuals. When Britney Spears got drunk in Vegas and married her best friend for 24 hours she had more rights than two gays living together for 25 years.

Besides, I don't see evangelical Christians not protesting the persecution they face in China, Saudi Arabia and a lot of other nations.

Now if Uganda wanted to give pedophiles the death penalty, I would be ok with that. But sex between consenting adults should remain legal in a free society.

Anonymous said...

This kinda lost its way.
The issue was about the BBC getting excoriated for what some people say was an 'offensive' topic description.
The underlying facts are simple and not in contention - Uganda is examining legislation aimed at introducing the death penalty as a sentencing option for some essentially homosexual-based activities.
The topic was "Should homosexuals face execution?". The simple answer for the vast majority of people is 'no'. What is so hard or offensive about that? The complaints seem to stem from the very act of asking the question - as though some questions are so horrible they can't even be asked. This is the death knell for free speech in the UK - where one is forbidden from even asking the question to begin debate. Haven't they heard, there are no stupid questions?

Anonymous said...

like most sexual perverts faggots cause problems everywhere they go and lower the life expectancy of the people that practice their dirty deviant sex.

Anonymous said...

Bobby you said "But sex between consenting adults should remain legal in a free society."

Religion should remain legal in a free society but see how atheist Chinese communists treat them DAILY.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Howard, based on most of your comments, I guess you're hoping that stupidity will remain legal in a free society.

Bobby said...

"Religion should remain legal in a free society but see how atheist Chinese communists treat them DAILY."

---I support BOTH religious freedom and sexual freedom. What's happening in Uganda is idiotic, these backwards countries have a lot more serious problems than homosexuality (which in my opinion it ain't a problem!).

Google "albino + africa" and you'll see stories of albinos being killed or having parts of their bodies mutilated so witch doctors can make potions with it.

Ugandans really deserve another Idi Amin, then everyone will get persecuted equally.

Besides, Ugandans are no saints, they visit prostitutes, they do drugs, they commit adultery, they have sex with children thinking it will cure their AIDS or prevent them from getting AIDS in the first place... When the church persecutes homosexuals all they're doing is finding a scapegoat for their own sins. It's the same mentality white supremacists have: "hey, you may be a criminal, you may live in a trailer, you may be dirt poor and uneducated, but at least you ain't a negro."