Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Britain: Student play-acting deemed racist

Must not imitate black people or Muslims
"The Athletics Union (AU) of the London School of Economics (LSE) has been forced to apologise after members of the society dressed up as Guantanamo Bay inmates and drunkenly yelled ‘Oh Allah’ outside the college bar.

At least a dozen students attending the December 4th ‘Carol’, the annual fancy-dress Christmas party for all sports teams, chose to wear costumes deemed “racist, religiously insensitive and demeaning”. These included students who painted their faces brown and wore orange jump suits in imitation of Guantanamo Bay inmates, and others who claimed to be dressed as ‘Somalian pirates’.

After complaints from students, the AU President Charlie Glyn wrote a joint statement with Student Union General Secretary Aled Dilwyn Fisher in The Beaver, LSE’s student newspaper, which condemned the actions “of a minority of students” as “racist, religiously insensitive and demeaning”.


A sense of humor no longer allowed in Britain


Anonymous said...

racist...no way

funny...not a chance

Bobby said...

What's the big deal? Weird Al Yankovic has been doing jokes like this for years.


Anonymous said...

Yet another sign from a nation that is dying of political correctness. Weakness and stupidity are the fuels that will allow Britains new muslim rulers to flourish.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the ability to parody and satirise is restricted to 'white' figures.
This is a huge problem - we cannot speak out about atrocities in Africa because to do so would be 'racist'. We cannot speak out about criminality because to do so would be racist. We cannot speak out about domestic violence because - guess what, racist!

Sean said...

I believe its the people they were imitating that are “racist, religiously insensitive and demeaning”, but thats just me..

Bobby said...

It isn't no more offensive than Mel Brooks satirizing the Spanish Inquisition in "History of the World part I"


Anonymous said...

comedians always get a pass don't they? liberals love imposing their brand of warped morality upon us.