Monday, December 21, 2009

SCOTUS to review employer access to worker messages

We read:
"The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide how much privacy workers have when they send text messages from on their employers’ accounts. The justices intervened in a case from Ontario, Calif., where three police officers and another employee complained that the department improperly snooped on their electronic exchanges, including many that were said to be sexually explicit.

While the case involves government workers, the decision could have broader privacy implications. Many employers tell workers there is no guarantee of privacy in anything sent over their company- or government-provided computers, cell phones or pagers.”



Menoichius said...

In this case, I would actually have to agree... if the company has provided you with the equipment, they have a right to know what you're doing with it.

Dr. No said...

There is no expectation of privacy when using employer-supplied computers/cell phones, etc., just as you don't have that right to privacy in public. If these people choose to be stupid, they should pay the price.

Bobby said...

They have the legal right to do that but it's going to ruin morale.

On Tabatha's Salon Takeover there was a hair salon in Miami where they have CCTV and the owner actually watches the employees from home instead of spending time at her salon. The owner's attitude has created a miserable work environment.

Cops already have to deal with plenty of crap, I say give them a break and stop treating them like a bunch of criminals that need constant supervision. I'm sure sheriff Joe Arpaio would not give a damn if one of his deputies sends an erotic message as long as he shows up on time and does a good job.

Anonymous said...

How is this even an issue? If the company has a policy for using company-owned equipment and resources (which it should) then it should be a non-issue. Seems pretty clear-cut.