Sunday, December 13, 2009

Greenie thug "offended" by an accurate comparison

Behave like a 1930s German street thug and it is entirely just that you be compared to one
"A former Conservative peer has become embroiled in a row after he branded a Jewish climate change protester a member of the “Hitler Youth”. Lord Monckton, a global warming sceptic and former economic adviser to Margaret Thatcher, made the controversial comments during the Copenhagen climate change talks this week.

The Viscount was speaking at a fringe meeting held by lobby group Americans For Prosperity on Wednesday night when a group of youth delegates interrupted and started chanting.

The 57-year-old peer was said to be so outraged by the interruption from American sustainable development group SustainUS that he started calling the protesters the “Hitler Youth”. Lord Monckton continued to use the phrase during a lengthy exchange with the youngsters the following morning, when he confronted them at a separate event.

When Mr Wessel informed Lord Monckton he found the comment offensive and that his grandparents had “escaped the Nazis growing up in Germany”, Lord Monckton replied: “Because of the biofuel scam, world food prices have doubled. That it because of the global warming scare, which you won't look at the science of.

“As a result of that, millions are dying in third world countries because food prices have doubled because of the biofuel scam, because of the global warming scare.


Breaking up the meetings of other political groups was a prime activity of the Nazi street thugs of the 1920s and 1930s


Monckton's own powerful reply to the ecofascists is HERE. He clearly knows his stuff, including Nazi history, though he mentions that only in passing.


MP said...

Breaking up the meetings of other political groups was a prime activity of the Nazi street thugs of the 1920s and 1930s

Just like the teabaggers today.

A. Levy said...

Leftists are always offended when someone disagrees with them, or when someone refuses to bend to their intimidation tactics. The "Hitler Youth" discription was very appropriate, albeit a bit mild, since their actions are much more like the SS.

And seeing how radical gays are part of the Left, the above "teebagger" remark should be aimed where it belongs, at them.

Bobby said...

I used to make Hitler comparissons on this forum until it was used against me, the theory that if you compare anything to Hitler or the nazis your argument is desperate.

So, I don't feel much sympathy unless the accuse does use Hitler-like tactics.

"Just like the teabaggers today."

---If that was the case they would be burning books and rioting against liberals. And by the way, unlike your leftists, conservatives and libertarians are packing. We have enough guns and ammunition to do real damage, but unlike the Black Panthers that stand in front of polling areas with baseball bats, we're not thugs, we respect the democratic violence and will only use violence in personal self-defense.

Use the Name, Luke said...

MP, thanks for demonstrating classic projection.

See here and here.

Anonymous said...

“Breaking up the meetings of other political groups was a prime activity of the Nazi street thugs of the 1920s and 1930s”

MP said…
Just like the teabaggers today.

More like SEIU and ACORN MP. Tea Party Protesters hold their on events and raise questions. SEIU and ACORN commit voter fraud, assault, and hold violent sit-ins.

Robert said...

Breaking up the meetings of other political groups was a prime activity of the Nazi street thugs of the 1920s and 1930s

Just like the teabaggers today.

The teaBAGGERS of course being the militant, in-your-face homosexuals, so that actually fits. The Tea PARTY protesters, by contrast, have always demonstrated peacefully, and to my knowledge have never broken into a meeting of another group, let alone broken one up with thuggery.

Yo' mama said...

Haven't you seen the videos of town hall meetings when the teabaggers are shouting down the speaker? Obviously not. They don't show the truth on Faux News.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Go watch those videos again. As you do, pay attention for two things.

1) Town hall meetings are not (usually) ACORN or SEUI organized meetings. They are intended for ANY citizen to listen to and respond to our elected representatives. Conservatives have just as much right to be there as leftists. We are not "invading" THEIR meetings. Therefore, conservatives and TEA Party members have just as much right to speak up at these meetings as anyone else.

(BTW, there have been instances of leftist politicians stacking these meetings through various underhanded tactics, or refusing to hold them at all so they can pretend there's no opposition to their high-handed policies.)

2) Notice what goes on at these meetings. The person up front is given the opportunity to say what they have to say (sometimes one sentence at a time), THEN conservatives react to it. In other words, we engage in give and take, NOT shouting down.

By contrast, leftists routinely refuse to let conservatives even speak at all. (Go see the Google searches I linked to earlier.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Luke, whatever.

Use the Name, Luke said...


More often than not, I hear this is from teenagers who realize they've been shown to be wrong but refuse to admit it. The rest of the time, it's adults using the same tactic.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you are WRONG yet again. It is used to marginalize you.

Anonymous said...

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