Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congressman wants critic jailed

I don't have to tell you which party he represents
"Congressman Alan Grayson, Democrat of Florida, is very angry with Angie Langley, private citizen of Lake County, Florida. Alan Grayson is so angry that he wants Attorney General Eric Holder to put Angie Langley in jail and fined.

Angie Langley's great sin is to put up a web site called MyCongressmanIsNuts.Com, which has raised 3,725 dollars to defeat Congressman Alan Grayson when she is not in fact one of Grayson's constituents. Furthermore, Grayson claims that the site is designed solely to attack him. It is unclear if putting up a website, even under those circumstances, is a federal offense under the part of the US Code that Alan Grayson cites in his complaint.

Alan Grayson did say that the name of the website was "tasteless and juvenile." These are concepts that Alan Grayson is indeed familiar with. My Fox TV station in Orlando recounts how.

Alan Grayson first came to national attention when he asserted, on the floor of the Congress, that the Republican plan for health care reform was for sick people to "die quickly." This was followed by an demand that former Vice President Dick Cheney "STFU", which stands for an obscene suggestion. Alan Grayson also called Linda Robertson, an adviser to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a "K Street Whore."

There would seem to be a little bit of method in Alan Grayson's madness. The sending of the letter to Eric Holder, even if ignored by the Attorney General, would seem to serve as a means to intimidate Angie Langley. However, if, as it seems, Angie Langley is not intimidated, the letter is almost certain the backfire and provide some free publicity for Angie Langley's website, allowing her to raise even more money for Alan Grayson's defeat next year.

Alan Grayson also seems to have proven Angie Langley's point. The Congressman is nuts.



Bobby said...

He's not just nuts, he's an idiot. Public figures don't enjoy the same degree of protection against defamation than private figures. Even Eric Holder knows that.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Eric Holder is as thoughtful on this case as he was in deciding to prosecute Gitmo detainees in the US. Then we might find we get rid of two idiots with the same stone.

Dr. Yes said...

Aside from telling us that Mr. Grayson is clearly delusional, this story also tells us something about what's going on in the government as a whole.

Mr. Grayson is part of the Left-wing Democrats that now control this government, which would help explain his Gestapo-like attitude toward a citizen who is simply expressing her (Constitutionally protected) political opinion. Mr. Grayson, like his Leftist pals in congress, knows that they only have until Nov 2010 to do as much damage as possible to this country, which is why they have zero tolerence for any opinion they dislike, or any opinion that exposes what they're actually doing.

But aside from what this story tells us about the goofy Mr. Grayson and his ilk, it also tells us perhaps more about the old socialist fools (mostly NY'ers) in FL. who elected him. Whatever you call the political system we have in this country, you can also call it a failure.

Anonymous said...

Seems it's done nothing but generate publicity. As of this moment, there have been over $10,000 donated!

I really hope this comes to the forefront of the news, because it shows that citizens can stand firmly within their rights against corrupt and abusive politicians.

Lefty said...

"Whatever you call the political system we have in this country, you can also call it a failure."

If you don't like it here, get the FUCK out. A nice conservative theocracy should suit you just fine, like Saudi Arabia or Iran. WE don't need you.

Dean said...

Lefty: "Get the F--- out"

Typical liberal. Not intelligent enough to express himself without obscenity. And unable to deal with opposing opinions.

But that's what the article under discussion was about, wasn't it?

Point proved, and proved quite well. Thanks Lefty.

Anonymous said...

Grayson is another nutty liberal Jew who makes the rest of us normal Jews look bad. He is the kind that is perfect for anti-Semitic propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Lefty's don't like opposition and use the nazi tactics of dehumanizing their opponents...

Anonymous said...

Fuck grayson and all the other hitler clones in the nazi, i mean democratic party.

Robert said...

Alan Grayson is not only nuts, he is a vile little Hitler wannabe who needs to be voted out in November if not recalled sooner.