Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hate speech against the military from a Leftist babbler

Reaction forces backdown:
"MSNBC's Chris Matthews apologized on Wednesday for saying that President Barack Obama had traveled to an "enemy camp" at West Point to address the nation on the war in Afghanistan.

The pundit had made the remark Tuesday during on-air analysis of Obama's speech, noting that he saw skepticism and little enthusiasm in the faces of cadets and officers at the U.S. military academy, a place where former President Bush made a hawkish speech in 2002 before the Iraq War started. "I didn't see a lot of warmth in the crowd out there," he said. "He went to maybe the enemy camp ... to make his case."

Matthews said on his show Wednesday that he had gotten "some very tough calls" from former cadets and parents of cadets, who told him the audience of military officers and officers-in-training are trained not to show the kind of emotion that he thought was lacking. He said he had no reason to assume that those in Obama's audience were more hawkish on the war than the president.

"I've heard too many politicians say, `Oh, that was taken out of context,' to explain something they wish they hadn't sent," he said. "Let me just say to the cadets and their parents, former cadets and everyone who cares about this country and those who defend it, I used the wrong words and, worse than that, I said something that is just not right and for that I deeply apologize."



Anonymous said...

"I didn't see a lot of warmth in the crowd out there," he said.

Um, maybe it's because the troops no longer respect a president who has failed in leadership? Respect is something that is earned, not by a given (as most on the Left would assert.)

Wes said...

I must say to his credit that he took responsibilty for his words in his appology and didn't make excuses. That is rare these days.

Anonymous said...

A phony, ratings-driven "appology" from a devoted socialist isn't worth much. Perhaps he felt the cadets should have had "tingling feelings running down their legs" like he had? With the way this government is going, and with it's thinly-veiled hatred for our military, (ie: Navy SEALS trial, etc.) i'm amazed that any young person is still willing to fight for this country.

Anonymous said...

A phony, ratings-driven "appology" from a devoted socialist isn't worth much.

Proof, please.

BTW, use a spell checker.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Anon 3:39,

Matthews' apology has the earmarks of a genuine apology. He states what he did, admits that it was wrong, and expresses remorse at doing it.

Compare that to the typical "apology": "I'm sorry that you got mad at what I said or did. (But I still think I'm right.)"

It seems genuine to me. That said, I don't think his central ideology has changed one bit.

Bobby said...

The irony is that Mathews wasn't completely wrong, West Point is "enemy camp" for a democratic president who doesn't like war, who takes forever to make up his mind about sending troops, who lacks the desire for victory, who sets up a timetable for troop withdrawall and who gives a speech that wasn't quite the Gettysburg Address as Bill O'reilly pointed out.

Obama speaking at West Point has the same sincerity of Dukakis riding a tank.

People may criticize Dick Chenney for getting five deferements from Vietnam, but at least Chenney likes war and likes to win. If Chenney had given the speech those cades would not have fallen assleep, as some of them did.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54, while you may be correct in your assessment, bear in mind that their day starts around 5:00AM. They were tired, bored, and very sleepy. By the time the won got there, it was near their bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...a President who won the Nobel Peace Prize who continues to wage war by implementing the SAME PLAN THAT GEORGE BUSH IMPLEMENTED. Anyone see any hypocrisy here?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see any hypocrisy here?

Nope. Try again, asshole.