Friday, December 04, 2009

Italy: Council defies court ruling and displays crucifix

We read:
"The council in the Sicilian city of Catania has defied a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and endorsed a proposal to display a Christian crucifix from Wednesday. The move is a direct response to a decision by the court which last month ruled that the symbol could not be displayed in public premises, in particular state schools.

"Before being a testimony of faith, the cross is a symbol of civilisation for Europe and the West," said a statement approved and signed by the city's municipal council. The proposal was approved by the council and only one councillor opposed the move.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on 3 November that placing the crucifix in classrooms infringed parents' right to educate their children "in conformity with their convictions".

The court ruling has sparked fierce debate in overwhelmingly Catholic Italy where the Vatican earlier this month strongly rejected the ruling, saying it was "wrong and myopic" to exclude a symbol of charity from education.


I prophesied on Nov. 5 that Italians would defy the EU court ruling.


Anonymous said...

This is just another example of hatred against Christians. If someone hung a star and crescent in the same manner, it would be either ignored or accepted through tolerance.

Anonymous said...

About time someone made a stand and said no to these fools. Stormewaters

Anonymous said...

"... infringed parents' right to educate their children "in conformity with their convictions". What a lie! Their ruling did exactly that to Catholics!

Stan B said...

Just to play devil's advocate for a moment here - the Council can claim that the Crucifix means whatever they want to claim it means. It is what it is - a cross with the Body of Jesus Christ on it. You can add whatever meaning you want, but it is a Catholic Symbol.

Personally, I think that any "state" that plays favorites among religions is displaying the insecurities of those in power.

The message of Christ, "Salvation of the Lost, and Universal Peace and Brotherhood," is strong enough to stand on its own, without any state backing.

Bobby said...

In Italy unlike America, the official religion is catholicism. So if anyone find crucifixes offensive they can send their kids to private schools.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we now know of one place where the will of the people is taken seriously. The well-known mission of the European Human Rights Court is to make sure that the EU is totally socialist, something they've had much success with. But it seems they've not heard that old adage, "whatever you do, don't fcuk with those Sicilians! Bravo to the people!

Robert said...

About time someone gave the "Italian salute" to the socialists of the EU.