Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When political correctness gets completely incomprehensible

More British battiness:
"Ministers last year directed councils to use the terms "anti-Islamic activity" and "community resilience" instead of terrorism and extremism, as part of a drive to win over the Muslim community. But the rebranding has spread confusion and is preventing local authorities and public bodies from talking openly about the radicalisation of young people.

A report for the Home Office and Department for Communities and Local Government found that public services were not communicating policies "for fear that using more direct language may exacerbate community tensions." It quoted an unnamed council director as saying: "Switching language from 'extremism' to 'community resilience' causes confusion.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I know they "talk funny" across the pond, but can someone please point to the dictionary in England that equates the words 'extremism' and 'community resilience'???

Anonymous said...

It's funny that they seem to truly be surprised with these 'unintended' consequences - again and again...

Do they study History these days -or just ignore it out of convenience?

Anonymous said...

"anti-Islamic activity" <> terrorism?

Um, I think someone got their definitions horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Brits, no offense to anyone or to the blogger of this site.
I find the Brits a tad interesting lot.
but what the politicians and the higher-ups are doing, is making their countrymen look evil. By catering to Islamic hooligans.

Anonymous said...

To the politicians and leaders, it's all in the name of political correctness and tolerance. Unfortunately, people forget that Islam's ultimate goal is world domination of Islam.