Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No ethnic preferences allowed in marriage choices any more?

Jews and Indians and Muslims must be a bad lot, then. Have you any idea of what many a Yiddisher Momma thinks about "shicksas"? Endogamy (marrying within your own ethnic or social group) has always been widespread among the human race. Marrying "out" is still a rare phenomenon in most of the world. Even in Britain today, it would be a rare upper class female who would marry a Cockney (working-class Londoner). But apparently endogamy is now all wrong, according to our wise Leftists:
"As much as I'd love to pan Momma's Boys (8 p.m. on NBC, E!) -- a crass reality dating show about, holy Oedipus, three bachelors sifting through a sea of bodacious women with help from their opinionated, controlling mothers -- I have to admit that by the end of the horrifyingly in-your-face premiere, I couldn't look away.

That's because what started as a standard-issue exercise in reality claptrap -- the kind where you admire the scenery, laugh at the stupidity and nod off before the final credits -- took a bizarre turn with the arrival of momma No. 3, a defiantly racist Neanderthal who makes the most objectionable statements I've heard on a prime-time show since the heyday of All In The Family.

"I can't have a black one!" mutters Khalood Bojanowski of her dating wish list for her beloved son, Jo Jo. "I can't have an Asian one, I can't have a fat-butt girl. I can't have a mixture at all -- no mixture for my son. And no Jewish girl -- no way! I'm sorry, but I can't stand them!''


Apparently it's now only homosexual marriages that may not be criticized, according to the Left.

The rather priceless "Invitation" below is of course a joke but it gives you an (exaggerated) idea of the traditional Yiddisher Momma attitude to "my son the doctor" marrying a "shicksa" (non-Jewish female). "Schicksa" is, incidentally, a German word meaning "prostitute". Yiddish is a German dialect.

As far as I am concerned, Yiddisher Mommas have every right to want their sons to marry "a nice Jewish girl". There is nonetheless a high rate of intermarriage among Jews and "Goyim" (gentiles) -- so even Yiddisher Mommas don't always get their way.


Anonymous said...

Yiddish is not a German dialect. It's a polyglot of many different languages, devised to allow Jews from many different nationalities to converse in a common tongue.
If Germanic influences are strong, that's because northwestern Europe has had a strong Jewish presence for centuries until the Germans did their utmost to destroy them.

But to get back to the article...
I doubt you'd hear leftist criticism of blacks not wanting their girls to date whitey (black boys raping white girls is of course fine).
It's only whites (and Jews) who can be racist or bigots after all.

Anonymous said...

Oy, not my son. Unless of course, she has money! When you want to find true racists and bigots, look at those who profess "tolerance".

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. "Momma's Boys"? Geez. Who wants to be seen on that? And how many people will be in the bed on the wedding night ... and all the rest?

2. Momma B is ... Catholic. Well, 'nuff said. What's not to dislike in that most scorned religion: pedophile priests, psycho nuns with rulers, overbearing mothers (oops, 'scuse me, that's a Jewish stereotype), Billy Joel cliche (Catholic girls start much too late), etc.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of racial choice, as long as my daughter doesn't marry that nig***!

jonjayray said...

"Yiddish is not a German dialect. "

I think there is a bit of Hebrew there too.

But almost all Yiddish words I have heard are familiar to me from German

Anonymous said...

There are strong Germanic influences in Yiddish, but that doesn't make it a German dialect.
It's more a polyglot of German, Hebrew, Russian, and several other languages (with regional variations depending on the host country of the speaker).

Anonymous said...

Ironically, most of the times you see a black man with a white woman, she's jewish.