Monday, December 29, 2008

Must not say that Obama is a negro

Conservatives must not, anyway.
"The chairman of the Republican National Committee on Saturday admonished one of his potential successors for giving members a CD featuring a song called Barack the Magic Negro. Chip Saltsman, who is seeking the RNC chairmanship, sent committee members a 41-track CD by conservative comedian Paul Shanklin as part of his Christmas message to committee members. The CD includes the controversial song about US president-elect Barack Obama.

The ditty originated on conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh's radio program in reference to a March 2007 opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times by David Ehrenstein headlined "Obama the 'Magic Negro"'. In the article, Ehrenstein argued that voting for Obama helped white voters alleviate guilt over racial wrongs in the past. Shanklin's parody is sung to the music of the Puff, the Magic Dragon.

Limbaugh has insisted that the song was a parody to prove a point about liberal white voters. "I can tell you think the term 'Negro' is inappropriate, that it's old hat and shouldn't be used, that it's divisive and this sort of thing, and you may have a point," Limbaugh told a caller objecting to the song in March 2007, according to show transcripts. "But remember what we do on this program: We illustrate absurdity by being absurd."


Once upon a time, when the world was saner than it is now, it was possible to discuss race in a scientific and non-hysterical way. At that time "negro" was the usual term for a black African. Nowadays, however, only Leftists are allowed to use the word, apparently. The correct scientific term at the moment seems to be "Sub-Saharan African". But "Barack the magic sub-Saharan African" lacks something. As Louis Armstrong was wont to say: "It don't mean a thing if it aint got that swing".

One could argue that Obama is only half negro but the current American custom seems to be to have only the one category of blacks, even if there seems to be a lot of milk in the coffee for some of them. In faroff days, Obama would have been referred to as a "half caste" or a "mulatto" but those perfectly accurate terms seem to be "offensive" these days too.


Anonymous said...

Obama has been touted as the first black POTUS. That's a lie. He's not black; he's bi-racial. Liberals are compulsive liars.

Anonymous said...

After almost a year of ranting about the media's refusal to use the term mulatto I have come to prefer the term "half-breed."

Anonymous said...

Grey Boy is a good description.

OH OH.....Boy when referring to certain folks above the age of 5 ain't politically correct!

Anonymous said...

He ain't no African, he is a Halfrican.

The other mobius

Anonymous said...

An African American is someone who was born in Africa then migrated to America, so the term is totally incorrect when applied to a person born here. The proper term for that person is Nigga.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that they're upset about using the term Negro?
Maybe they're upset that someone is suggesting that B.O. might not actually be magic and the saviour of the universe? said...

According to one black apologist:

The term "negro" is the same as "necro" which means "black" and always refers to a lifeless object. Therefore the term "negro" is racist.

The fact that American black folks can't decide what to call themselves ("people of color," but not "colored people;" "black," but not "negro") suggests a cultural identity crisis.

Anonymous said...

How about the term came from negros which is black in spanish. For those of you who don't follow the history thing, spaniards were pretty much the first european invaders/settlers and brought quite a bit of terminolgy with them.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the question that needs to be asked (and answered) when discussing Obama is, is he really black? If you study his physical features, his facial features, the shape of his head, the texture of his hair, you will see that he doesn't have any of the same anthropological features found in either African blacks, or American blacks. And since many of the American people have been so busy worshiping their new idol, they have forgotten all about the fact that his handlers have so far refused to even show the people his original birth certificate! In light of that fact, i wouldn't want to hold my breath waiting for someone to ask the above question.