Sunday, December 21, 2008

NY Leftist thinks that "racists" are barely-human

A certain National Socialist was pretty big on regarding some people as sub-human too. A lot of them would have had relatives in NY in fact. Looks like questioning people's humanity is a socialist thing. Christopher Campbell, a Leftist movie critic writes:

"Don't you just hate when the movies make you care about a bigot? Sure, racists are technically humans, but that doesn't mean we need to sympathize with them, right? No matter how great the film, it should be very difficult to accept the softening of intolerant people.


Isn't Leftist tolerance wonderful? They set us all such a good example. "All men are equal", unless you disagree with the current Leftist ideas, of course. You sure find out how unequal you are then. And it doesn't take much to qualify as a "racist". Critics of illegal immigration are routinely called that by Leftists.


Anonymous said...

Some spic probably wrote that.


Anonymous said...


It has always amazed me how succesful that old leftist trick has been, and continues to be. It's the one where they blame all non-Leftists for what they (the leftists) say and do. How dumb can people be that it still works?

Anonymous said...

Not just a leftist movie critic, but a gay leftist movie critic!