Thursday, December 04, 2008

Red ink is offensive(!)

Some nuttiness from Australia, though I seem to remember similar "advice" in Britain and the USA too:
"Teachers have been told to stop marking schoolchildren's work with red pen because it is an "aggressive" colour. Queensland's Deputy Opposition Leader Mark McArdle told parliament today that teachers were being advised to reconsider their pen choice because it may offend children. Mr McArdle tabled a Queensland Health document proposing "strategies for addressing mental health wellbeing in any classroom". It says: "Don't mark in a red pen (which can be seen as aggressive) - use a different colour."

"Given your 10-year-old Labor government presides over the lowest numeracy and literacy standards of any state in Australia, don't you think it's time we focused on classroom outcomes rather than these kooky, loony, loopy, lefty policies?" Mr McArdle asked. Premier Anna Bligh called the question trivial at a time of "such economic peril". [Is that the latest cop-out answer for everything?]



Anonymous said...

God forbid that a child who makes a mistake should actually be informed of making that mistake.

Anonymous said...

Eventually they'll go through all the colors and they'll all be considered offensive to students.
They'll then just quit marking the wrong answeres all together in order to lift the student's self esteem.
We'll have a generation of ignorance, but it will be self confident ingorance.

...which is igorance of the worst kind.


Leslie Bates said...

Wait until they demand a change to the colour of STOP signs and traffic signals.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the US is not the only place that is ripe for revolution.

Anonymous said...

That's what I find most concerning in this crazy world of ours - not that people are ignorant but that some people are proud of their ignorance!