Monday, December 15, 2008

Must not speak loudly to blacks

We read:
"Some members of the New Orleans black community sounded off Thursday night after a series of heated exchanges between City Council Member Stacy Head and several high-profile black leaders. Some people accused Head of being disrespectful and insensitive. A leader of the black religious community said he was yelled at publicly by Head at an event for Congressman-elect Joseph Cao....

This came after a string of instances where some in the community said they believe Head has been confrontational in her interaction with African-Americans.

She spoke with NewsChannel 6 at a talk radio station, where she addressed concerns Thursday afternoon. "Nothing hurts a progressive Caucasian as much as being called a racist, and people who use that card know it," Head said. Head defended herself after a series of heated exchanges, including the showdown between Head and City Sanitation Director Veronica White over the city's garbage contracts....

"I'm just a fiery personality," Head said. It's a personality that doesn't have a problem challenging authority. She said it just so happens that most of the city's leadership is black.


The poor sensitive little petals.


Anonymous said...

How is it the sensitive little darlings are not bothered by all the gunfire coming from the ghetto's of NOLA?

This is just the community's way of getting rid of a White "progressive" (see: communist) and replacing her with a black they know they'll be able to "deal with". For those of you on the Left, this is called "reality"! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

The 'black' leadership under Ray 'chocolate city' Nagin is not used to having their incompetence questioned at every turn. The city council has a white majority for the first time in decades.

His sanitation director barely has the skills to present an excel sheet showing monthly expenditures after a year of requests. Head basically called her a liar when she claimed to never had received the request.

She then filed a complaint against her for racial and intemidating remarks after she herself basically called Head a thief.

Bright side is, Nagin and his staff of clowns is nearing an end.

Anonymous said...

How very, very, typical. Sadly, this is the usual result when blacks are given control of anything, simply for the sake of "diversity".