Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Court allows Sarkozy voodoo doll -- up to a point

We read:
"A Paris appeals court refused to ban a Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo doll, but ordered it carry a label describing it as offensive to the French president. The decision came a month after a lower court dismissed Sarkozy's request for a ban, ruling that the doll fell "within the authorised limits of free expression and the right to humour".

The appeals judge found that "spearing the doll according to the instructions and with the provided needles - an action that evokes physical harm albeit symbolic - constitutes an offence to the dignity of Mr Sarkozy".

The judge ruled against banning the doll, however, saying that such a move would be "disproportionate and inadequate".



Anonymous said...

Talk about a sales boost!

"The doll that's so effective, it was ordered labeled offensive to the French president by a Court of Law!"

Who's likely to buy a Sarkozy voodoo doll? People who don't like him, I'm guessing. People who WANT to offend him. And now, they have a legally proven means of doing so! Woo Hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe a similar Obama voodoo doll should be in the offing...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, an Obama voodoo doll wouldn't sell squat. He's too much of a messiah to even consider such a thing.

Anonymous said...

This would actually be dangerous. Reid and Pelosi would quickly introduce legislation against defamation of character of the President.