Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wow! The N-word is Even too Wicked for Blacks Now!

Nice to see a bit of consistency for a change:

"Eddie Griffin experienced a real "n-word" wake-up call when his raunchy comedy act came to a screeching halt last weekend in Miami. The 'Undercover Brother' star was booked as the main headliner for Friday night's line-up at the Black Enterprise/Pepsi 14th Annual Golf & Tennis Challenge.

The pint-sized, loud-mouthed funnyman's profanity, racial-slur-laced tirade didn't go over too well with the family friendly sold out audience. Griffin turned out to be the ultimately show-stopper, literally, when his microphone suddenly "failed" after repeatedly using the 'N-Word.'

Soon after his abrupt silencing, Black Enterprise magazine owner and publisher Earl Graves, came on stage with the plug in his hand and said: "We at Black Enterprise will not allow our culture to go backwards. Black Enterprise stands for decency, black culture and dignity and we will pay Mr. Griffin all that we owe him but we will not allow him to finish the show if that's the way he's going to talk."


Al Sharpton was in the audience and he applauded the cut-off so that makes it pretty official, I guess.