Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Does Mountie's attitude help reinforce racist stereotypes of indigenous Canadians?

We read:

"Heard the joke about the drunk Indian? For far too long, First Nations have been saddled with this kind of unfair, racially intolerant stereotype. It hasn't been easy, but a nation committed to cultural diversity has been working to shed itself of that kind of unacceptable attitude.

So imagine the surprise of many people upon hearing the remarks of Chief RCMP Supt. Doug Reti, the head of the force's national aboriginal policing services.

With the government preparing to pay $2 billion to survivors of abuse at native residential schools, Reti is warning cities across Canada and the Mounties to brace themselves. He's conjuring up visions of increased family violence, binge drinking and excessive drug use.


So was the Mountie expert on Canadian Indians being racist? Read here what he actually said and make up your own mind. To a Leftist, of course, the slightest hint of differences between groups is forbidden. In their weird world there are no differences between blacks and Chinese, for instance.