Sunday, September 23, 2007

More of that very Satisfying Campus Outrage

A rather silly "South Park" style cartoon must not appear in a student newspaper:

"The student-run newspaper at Central Connecticut State University is under fire for publishing a cartoon this week that critics called racist and sexist. The three-frame comic, titled "Polydongs," features two characters who mention locking a "14-year-old Latino girl" in a closet and urinating on her. It was published in Wednesday's issue of The Recorder, a weekly newspaper distributed free on campus.

The paper's editors reviewed the cartoon before it was published and decided that it was no more offensive than some episodes of "South Park" or "Family Guy," two television shows known for off-color humor, Mr. Rowan said.

A disclaimer across the bottom of the strip said, "The Recorder does not support the kidnapping of (and subsequent urinating on) children of any age or ethnicity."


Student newspapers traditionally push the boundaries but saying anything bad about any Hispanic is one boundary that may not be pushed, apparently. If "Christian" had been used instead of "Latino", it would have been hilarious, of course.

As we see here, a small group of students are still protesting about it but the university president says that he can do nothing about the incident on free speech grounds.

You can see the toon here or here. Some comments here