Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Naughty Swiss

Switzerland is traditionally a very law-abiding society but, like most prosperous countries, they now have a large population of immigrant origin that is less law-abiding. As a result, many Swiss would like to boot out immigrants who commit crimes. But whatever you say or do to promote that view will of course be criticized as racist. We therefore read:

"The campaign poster was blatant in its xenophobic symbolism: Three white sheep kicking out a black sheep over a caption that read “for more security.” The message was not from a fringe force in Switzerland’s political scene but from its largest party.


Because black coloration in sheep is rare, black sheep have long been used as a symbol of those who don't fit in -- but don't expect the Left to acknowledge that! "Black" must only be referred to reverentially: Anything else is "xenophobic". Leftists are in fact comparing the proposed laws to Nazi laws.

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