Monday, September 24, 2007

Louisiana State U: ANY questioning of homosexuality is "hate speech"

There is a perfectly civil article here offering a scientific argument against the "gay gene" theory and complaining about the impossibility of saying what you think about homosexuality because of an oppressive university speech code.

We read here that the letter has been widely condemned as "hate speech" and we read here that someone who claims to believe in free speech still thinks the letter should not have been published.

Why is a sexual perversion so sacred? Presumably because most normal people have an instinctive revulsion against it and upsetting normal people is what it is all about.

Other sexual perversions -- such as pedophilia -- are not sacred even though both do harm. The way AIDS (which is overwhelmingly a disease of homosexuals) shortens the life of homosexuals is beyond question. I myself had two homosexual friends who succumbed to it at an early age.