Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lazy Chicago workers resort to the race card

We read:

"The nephew of a former Northwest Side congressman on Thursday emphatically denied making racist and sexist comments to co-workers at the city's Department of Transportation and said he was falsely accused -- and fired -- for cracking the whip against unproductive city inspectors. Joseph Annunzio, a nephew of the late Rep. Frank Annunzio (D-Ill.), said the woman who filed the bogus complaint is the girlfriend of Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, a former alderman.

Annunzio charged that Patty Young "never wrote any citations, hardly did any work and spent most of her time in the office just walking around." Annunzio said when he "called her on it numerous times," Beavers sent county board liaison Frank D'Amato to deliver a message to Annunzio's father, an aide to Ald. Tom Allen (38th): "Tell your son to leave Beavers' girlfriend Patty Young and her friends alone."

"I am a white supervisor in a position of authority who's holding people accountable to do their jobs and stories are being made up so they don't have to do their jobs," Annunzio said. "I made people work eight hours a day. They were held accountable for writing citations, inspecting road construction, working with utility companies on street openings and meeting with aldermen to resolve complaints. Everybody was charted on a graph. Most of those with allegations against me were either at the bottom of the chart or have been suspended by me." ...

Annunzio was placed on paid administrative leave from his $77,148-a-year job in April after being accused of calling female co-workers "bitches," using the n-word, "mambo" and "Magilla the Gorilla" to address African Americans and for referring to immigrants as "f---ing foreigners."

On Thursday, Annunzio flatly denied those charges. He acknowledged using vulgarity to get his points across to underlings. He admitted that his use of the word "foreigners" to describe immigrants may have been insensitive. But he said he never once made racist, sexist or other demeaning remarks to co-workers. Annunzio said he's willing to take a lie detector test to prove he never made racist or sexist comments.


Any white supervisor of blacks can easily be so accused by a few of the blacks getting together and making stuff up. So a wise white supervisor lets blacks do as they please. In a sane world, accusations of racism in such circumstances would be disregarded.