Thursday, September 20, 2007

Antisemitism OK

We read:

"A book that was so controversial the University of Michigan Press stopped selling it is now back on U-M's distribution list.

The Press' executive board decided unanimously last week that "it would be a blow against free speech" to remove "Overcoming Zionism" from its Web site, despite members' "deep reservations" over the content.

Critics characterize the book as anti-Semitic hate speech, and some have faulted U-M for facilitating its sales.


You must not utter a critical word about blacks or homosexuals but you can say anything you like about "Zionists" -- one of the world's tiniest minorities.

Would UM distribute a book saying that blacks are the descendants of apes and monkeys? Yet precisely that is often said about "Zionists" by the Muslim press.