Sunday, September 02, 2007

Doco Slammed for what it does NOT Say!

An Australian cable channel has just apologized for broadcasting a program on Hitler's performance as a military leader in WWII. The fact that the program was about the war meant that there was little mention of the holocaust. Since the holocaust must be just about the most publicized event of the 20th century, failing to mention it is hardly a coverup and surely we are entitled to be interested in other aspects of Hitler's policies as well.

The big problem appears to be that the doco was made by David Irving, who has denied the scale and importance of the holocaust. Irving is however probably the most knowledgeable person alive about the Hitler period (he was the only one to question immediately the fake Hitler Diaries) so his perspective on the non-Holocaust activities of Hitler was worth having and nobody seems in fact to have questioned the accuracy of what he said in that connection.

I am no fan of holocaust denial but is holocaust affirmation now compulsory? Details here.