Friday, September 21, 2007

Attack on Free Speech by Leftists at Middlebury College, Vermont

We read:

"Not two weeks into the new academic term, political "debate" on campus is manifesting itself in an all-too-common flurry of activity in the McCullough Student Center Mail Room. A poster displayed by the College Republicans on the club's bulletin board was defaced over the weekend, and a meager note from club leadership appeared next to the torn poster on Sunday.

"What does it say about Middlebury if anything representing a minority political viewpoint is torn down or damaged within 48 hours?" the single sheet of paper asks onlookers. The note continues, "If what we put up upsets you, we invite you to come discuss it with us instead of damaging or destroying it."

By Monday night, though, the note itself remained in lonely evidence on the bulletin board and the torn poster had disappeared. According to Heather Pangle '10, co-president of the College Republicans and author of the McCullough note, the club has not been able to keep anything on the board for more than two days at a time since last year.