Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Balance Allowed in Discussing the Hitler Years

We read:

"She was Germany's favourite newsreader - a blonde, blue-eyed television star who became a campaigner for old-fashioned feminity.

Now Eva Herman has fallen from her pedestal - she has been sacked for praising Hitler's policies towards women, families and motherhood. The Nazi years, she said, while presenting her latest book, The Noah's Ark Principle, were a cruel time. They had, though, a redeeming quality: they celebrated family values. "There were the good things too, that is to say the values, the children, the mothers, the families, the solidarity . . ."

Within hours Herman, 48, was dismissed from state television.


Nazi policies did indeed honour motherhood but we must not say that apparently. Everything must be black and white to the "anti-racist" fanatics -- shades of grey not allowed. And Hitler is definitely all-black. Prewar anti-Nazi writers (such as Heiden and Roberts) agree that Hitler was very popular in Germany -- so he must have got some things right.

I drove a VW beetle for many years and thought it was an excellent car -- but it was originally a product of Hitler's regime. Volkswagen means "The people's car". So I guess that makes me a racist too.


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