Friday, September 07, 2007

Blacks do not Fight! Oh No!

That seems to be the problem below:

"Nearly 200 University of Virginia students held a sit-in Wednesday night outside the Cavalier Daily, UVa's student-run newspaper, to protest what they said was a racist comic strip.

The strip, published in Tuesday's edition, depicted nine nearly naked black men fighting each other with sticks, stools, boots and a pillow. Its caption reads: "Ethiopian Food Fight."


The rather obvious point of the toon seems to be that in a country that has been racked by famine (which Ethiopia has), a food fight consists not of throwing food at one another but rather of a fight to get to whatever food is available -- which is undoubtedly perfectly true. But some truths may not be mentioned, apparently.

If the cartoonist had portrayed Ethiopians as fat and happy and relaxing peacefully in the sun, he would no doubt have been praised warmly. Leftists prefer fantasy to reality any day. If you don't know anything about the various recent horrors in Ethiopia, a good place to start reading is here. It is because of those horrors that there are Ethiopian refugees throughout the Western world these days.