Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nazism Must only be Seen through the Lens of Official Propaganda

An approach that Goebbels himself would have heartily agreed with:

"A hotel in southern Germany which allowed guests to see a swastika-covered bunker from World War II in its cellar could lose its restaurant and alcohol licence and face criminal charges, a state finance ministry said.

The bunker, which was once the headquarters of Adolf Hitler's personal security staff, has been open to visitors via an advertised passageway at the hotel, located in the state of Bavaria near the Austrian border.

Critics say the bunker, located in Hitler's favourite holiday spot, Obersalzberg, has become a shrine to neo-Nazis who come to see Nazi propaganda and anti-Semitic statements scrawled and carved on its walls.


Obviously, people must not see actual remnants of Nazism. Only official "information" may be conveyed. Otherwise people might make the dangerous discovery that Nazism was actually SOCIALIST, not Rightist.