Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Portland mayor aims to nix free-speech rally, fears 'hatred'

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, on Monday urged U.S. officials and organizers to cancel a "Trump Free Speech Rally"

It comes amid a wider debate in the U.S. about the First Amendment, often in liberal cities like Portland and Berkeley, California, and on college campuses, where violent protests between far-right and far-left protesters have derailed appearances by contentious figures.

The federal government has issued a permit for the free-speech rally Saturday and has yet to give a permit for an event June 10. The mayor says his main concern was participants "coming to peddle a message of hatred," saying hate speech is not protected by the Constitution.

A Facebook page for the event says there would be speakers and live music in "one of the most liberal areas on the West Coast." It says it will feature Kyle Chapman, who describes himself as an American nationalist and ardent supporter of President Donald Trump.

Chapman was arrested at a March 4 protest in Berkeley, the birthplace of the U.S. free speech movement in the 1960s that has become a flashpoint for the extreme left and right since Trump's election.



Anonymous said...

Once again the left fails to support free speech by deliberately masking it as hate speech. Has anyone done a recent evaluation on leftist speech lately and put it fairly to media, assuming you could find media that would fairly air it? The tone of the Democrats to me borders on sedition. Especially Maxine Waters who is way past her use by date. She should be fronting a congressional committee to explain her outbursts in the media. The Trump Derangement Syndrome is spreading at a great rate thanks to the biased left wing media. It is time that the authorities found the balls to allow free speech when thugs and other low life are determined to suppress it. Every time they shut a conservative speaker down they win. It won't take too much longer to piss enough people off to do the same to leftist speakers and then the blood will truly flow.

Paul Weber said...

More evidence that progressives/leftists have no respect for the Constitution or other peoples rights. To them it's all about forcing everyone to accept their viewpoint; no discussion, no choices, no freedom.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps no one has yet pointed out to the mayor that his speech is in fact the hate speech he is pretending to be opposed to.

Bill R. said...

Hate speech IS free speech. Besides, who gets to define hate speech? From all I see, the shit they're saying is hate speech is nothing but points of view opposed to their own. I fear for my country!!

Bird of Paradise said...

To liberal eletists the U.S. Constitution dont mean a thing becuase Free Speech for conservatives as well as Liberals gets in their way of a Soviet America