Sunday, May 21, 2017

Must be careful what you celebrate on Cinco de Mayo

University of Chicago: Earlier this month, students heard about a Cinco de Mayo party planned at the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity where brothers were allegedly asked to dress up as Mexican construction workers wearing fake mustaches and hard hats as part of their costume.

Students part of the multicultural UChicago United group reached out to the fraternity to ask them to change the theme, and at the time, were told that they would do so.

"They seemed very responsive...but then they still went through the party," said student Gloria Morales. "What that shows us is that the university has not created an environment in which the fraternities feel any accountability."

The fraternity however put out a statement explaining the situation surrounding the party was a misunderstanding.

In their statement, the fraternity said the construction themed party they held was a play on the renovation and construction occurring at their fraternity home for the past two years. The theme was intended to celebrate the near complete renovation of their home’s basement and just happened to fall on the weekend of Cinco De Mayo. In their statement, they said "they would like to reiterate that the intent of this event was not tied to the aforementioned holiday. The term Cinco de Mayo was never used to promote the party.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Cino Demayo isnt a american celebration so will the snowflakes replace the 4th of July with it? scince it upsets these litle snowflakes

Anonymous said...

Why would any fraternity feel it is accountable to a multicultural student group?