Sunday, May 07, 2017

Must not prefer to date white men

LILY Macapinlac, an Asian Instagram model with more than 3 million followers, is under fire for old tweets about refusing to date Asian men. “If another short old Asian dude tries buying me a drink, I’m going to puke on them,” Macapinlac, who goes by Lily May Mac, wrote on Twitter in 2013, the New York Post reports.

The 22-year-old beauty, who is Filipina and based in Sydney, has bashed Asian men in several tweets during the past five years and professed her preference for “cute white boys.” “Definitely going to marry a white boy, [and] I want a half-cast [sic] baby,” she wrote in one tweet.

In another post, she added, “My dad is cheering me on. He said ‘If he’s white then it’s okay.’”

Social media users dug up the tweets this week. One, on Imgur, accused the model of having “white fever.”

Many of the tweets have since been deleted but one Imgur user has posted a string of racist tweets from the model.

The 5-foot-tall model, who often posts heavily filtered selfies on social media, has faced backlash for her comments.


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