Tuesday, May 16, 2017

High School Recalls All Its Yearbooks Because Of This Conservative Student

Must not quote President Trump

A North Carolina high school recalled its yearbooks after officials saw a senior’s quote which read “Build that wall” ascribed to President Donald Trump — but the move drew criticism online.

Yearbooks for Richmond Early College High School in Hamlet were recalled because some senior quotes were considered controversial, The News & Observer reported.

“Earlier this week, it was discovered by school administration that Richmond Early College yearbooks had errors and inappropriate comments,” the school district said on Facebook Tuesday. “The principal immediately collected the distributed yearbooks.”

The school district apologized and said it was working on making corrections with the yearbook publisher.



Bird of Paradise said...

I suppose if some little snowflake had written IMPEACH TRUMP or TRUMP IS HITLER the little Nambdy Pambdy school board would have allowed to on the front pages

Anonymous said...

I bet "Viva Mexico" would be allowed as well.