Friday, May 05, 2017

Conservatives Fight for Free Speech at a Far-Left College

There seems to be a serious disconnect nowadays between what conservatives are, and what they are accused of being.

Campus leftists thoughtlessly dub conservatives “racists” and “homophobes,” and regularly fling those epithets on both conservative students and right-leaning speakers who come to campus.

One campus conservative group, the Hood College Republicans, decided to push back on the trend and to re-engage their campus.

In an attempt to reopen dialogue and clearly convey their beliefs, the group’s members created a display on campus with various quotes and graphics describing conservative values.

The display admittedly hit on some controversial issues. Students and faculty were particularly concerned over a quote from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, which stated of transgender people, “Biology is biology; men can’t magically become women and women can’t magically become men.”

Students and faculty members called the display “hateful” and “propaganda.” The president of Hood College wrote in an email that a review will take place to see if the display violates college rules, citing that it is possible for the Hood College Republicans to receive sanctions.

In a statement released by Hood College Republicans, the group expressed deep concern over the administration’s response to its display:

The handling of the situation by the school has demonstrated the extreme bias against free speech and diversity of thought for conservative views on campus, saying that the espousing of such views was offensive and dangerous. The administration has also tried to claim that we have been committing harassment and discrimination simply by expressing such views on paper. Our members have personally received violent threats from members of the Hood Community and have been regularly targeted online, with many on and off campus citing us as a hate group.

This story, like so many others we hear from college campuses today, underscores the true extent to which the First Amendment is under attack at American universities.

It should go without saying that students at Hood College, and at every college, must have their First Amendment rights protected. This basic freedom guaranteed by our Constitution should be respected in all areas of American life.



Anonymous said...

Until the snowflakes are melted there will be no peace on any campus. It is time to remind the left they are suppressing the rights of others with their constant whining about their supposed rights.

Bird of Paradise said...

And the whining begins again for the campus snowflakes here is another leftists run collage that needs to be defunded

Anonymous said...

Most thinking people wouldn't even see this quote as controversial. It is a simple statement of fact. While your external genitalia may not be determinative - in all but the rarest cases sex is simply binary and wishing doesn't make it otherwise.

Stan B said...

When "feelings" become the foundation of your world, "facts" become the enemy!

Anonymous said...

This is the New K.K.K. in action, the Democratic party has restarted it's terrorist wing. Trading dunce caps for pussy hats, white robes for black they still teach hatred and in tolerance and use violence and the threats of violence to silence their critics.

It is the same as the old K.K.K. so everyone, please call them the New K.K.K. because it's true and they'll hate it.