Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A racist boomerang?

Iconic French fashion label Chanel is celebrating the launch of its Spring-Summer pre-collection with the sale of a chic Chanel-branded boomerang.

Followers of high-fashion can now purchase the latest in vogue indigenous hunting weapons for only $1,930 each.

The luxury haute couture brand describes the boomerangs as 'black with wood and resin' and each have the distinctive Chanel symbol emblazoned in the middle.

The interesting choice for Chanel's luxury sport collection has sparked complaints from confused shoppers and the indigenous community who claim it is cultural appropriation.

'Cultural appropriation hits a new low - I sincerely hope that Chanel is donating all the profits to underprivileged Aboriginal communities,' one person wrote.



Anonymous said...

Funny, I can remember buying boomerangs at the dime store when I was a kid (I'm 79 now), no one worried about it then.

Anonymous said...

If that's not cultural appropriation I don't know what is. This is blatant fraud by Chanel. Where is the UNHCR when you need them? Where is the Australian Government position on this issue? Marketing a boomerang, which is not copyrighted, is totally different to marketing a cultural identity.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for all the Third Worlders and their sycophants to repudiate everything they've "culturally appropriated" from the West. Just a few little things like electricity, automobiles, flight, agriculture practices that can feed people above a subsistence level. You know, just the little things.

Anonymous said...

The Outrage Industry is busy again.

Stan B said...

Apparently "cultural appropriation" only goes one way. Written language? Well, that's not really cultural appropriation, so screw the Sumerians. Yeah, just screw them. The Zero? Babylonians and Mayans (sorry, India, the dispute over whether you appropriated it from the Babylonians can't be resolved so - NO ZERO FOR YOU!) Powered Heavier than Air Flight? Well, there's some dispute over whether it was the Wright brothers or not, but it was definitely an American invention. Sorry world, no more trotting off to your latest outrage fest in anything other than Zeppelin's (if you're German) or Hot Air Balloons (if you're French).

This gets really ridiculous, doesn't it?

Bird of Paradise said...

I can still remember buying those little balsawood planes some with those little rubberband powered propellars

Stan B said...

Rubber was appropriated from South America, and balsa wood comes from the Rain Forests as well. Sorry, Bird!