Friday, May 19, 2017

Must not laugh at blackface concerns

An Australian ice-cream store says it has taken disciplinary action against a staff member after the brand came under fire on social media for a post that made reference to blackface.

Mumbrella reports N2 Extreme Gelato made a post on both Instagram and Facebook on Friday, advertising a new flavour of ice-cream containing charcoal. The photo shows the ice-cream held in someone’s hand, which is smeared with charcoal.

The caption accompanying the post reads: “Is it still considered blackface if it’s just on your hand???”.

“Anyway it’s just split [sic] carbon so calm yo tits with our HONEY CHARCOAL VANILLA gelato!” the caption concludes.

It wasn’t long before customers took to the comments sections to slam the brand over its “inappropriate” caption and post, labelling it both racist and sexist.

“Wow @n2australia you should probably have a sit down with whoever is in charge of your social media and give them lesson on how not to trivialise racism,” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“This is a heinous caption. It’s offensive and trivialises a serious issue. Take it down,” wrote another.



Anonymous said...

What has Australia descended into with this PC crap. If anyone should be offended these days it should be the white male, the backbone of the country who is criticised at every opportunity. Are we no longer allowed to indulge in humour?

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Getting so tired of this PC nonsense getting so tired of some bunch of little snowflakes demanding we applogise for everything we do that offends these little wanks they either just get a life or just Go Away