Monday, May 01, 2017

Women face jail for 'religious hate crime' over giant plastic vagina protest that 'mocked' the Easter procession

Leftists hate any form of Christian observance

Three Spanish women who carried a giant plastic vagina through the streets of Seville as part of a feminist protest reminiscent of Easter processions may face jail after lawyers claimed the action constitutes a “religious hate crime”.

On May 1, 2014, the women took to the streets of the Spanish city wearing hoods and carrying the giant vagina mock-up on a plinth "in the style of the Virgin Mary," according to court papers. They are now facing charges of "crimes against religious sentiment", the court papers said.

The feminist group, which called themselves the "Sisterhood of the blessed rebellious vagina to the exploitation of precariousness" (Hermandad del Sagrado Coño Insumiso a la Explotación a la Precariedad), explained that they designed the protest to highlight issues of discrimination against women in the workplace.

The women were protesting during a march organised by the Spanish union the General Workers' Confederation (CGT) on national Workers’ Day.

The case will be heard by a Seville magistrate after a previous ruling in favour of the protesters was overturned on appeal by the Association of Christian lawyers (AEAC).



Bird of Paradise said...

Leftists are total atheists/secularists type who oppose any kind of religion why else dose the ACLU exist and falsely claim the so called sepration of Church & State is in the U.S. Constitution

Anonymous said...

So - all us on this site are supporting their right to peacefully protest, right?

Anonymous said...

Spain has a very high Catholic population unlike the US. Any attempt to deliberately offend that population would be considered hated speech. Many countries around the world differentiate between hate speech and free speech, some more robustly than others. Mind you the US currently allows people of leftists views to violently suppress the free speech right of those they disagree with so I wouldn't hold the US as a gold standard of free speech.

Anonymous said...

I support their right to free speech, but I would also call them crass for their method of doing it.

Mark Liveringhosue said...

Let them do this to muslims and see what happens!