Monday, May 22, 2017

Students: High School’s Rejection Of Pro-Life Club Violates Free Speech

A student group demanded Wednesday that a Pennsylvania high school approve a pro-life club after administration rejected the club, allegedly on the basis of it being too “controversial” and “political.”

Students for Life of America, which boasts chapters at schools nationwide, sent the letter requesting the decision reversal to Parkland High School, according to a press release obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. While Parkland rejected the pro-life group, the school currently has a Multi-Cultural Leadership Club, Political Science Club, and Gay Straight Alliance.

Elizabeth Castro and Grace Schairer, co-founders of the proposed pro-life group, claim that Assistant Principal Jude Sandt rejected the formation of the club in March because pro-life messages are too “controversial” and “political.”

In April, Castro emailed Sandt to discover how the group could obtain approval, but she received no response.

Jocelyn Floyd, a Thomas More Society special counsel representing the pro-life students, said that U.S. law protects the establishment of the club.

“This administration’s denial of a pro-life club is especially surprising,” she elaborated, “because this district’s policy expressly allows students to form clubs with ‘any lawful objective.'”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Parkland High School but received no comment in time for press.


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Bird of Paradise said...

I,ll bet these same stupid administrators would allow fora pro-abortin group like Planned Parenthood on campus or maybe a animal rights group like PETA or eco-wacko group like Greenpeace on campus and since many of thee idiot administraors totaly reject the U.S. Constitution like most all socialists,demacrats and snowflakes do