Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Must not disparage gypsies

Gypsies are a great nuisance in most of Europe.  They largely live by petty crime.  But you are not allowed to mention that, of course.  Irish travellers are not true gypsies but their behaviour is similar

A Tory MP has been suspended after causing outrage after tweeting about Ireland and 'f****** gypsies' during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Nick Harrington, a Conservative Party councilor in Warwick District Council, stunned social media with the comments.

He added: 'Hard border coming folks!', referring to stricter controls between the Irish and British borders post Brexit.

Mr Harrington has been suspended from the Warwick District Council for six months, the Coventry Telegraph reported.

Andrew Mobbs, leader of the council, said: 'I find these comments completely unacceptable.

'I have had a number of people contact me by telephone and email this morning with concerns.

Mr Harrington was also suspended from the Conservative Party. His Twitter account was also taken down on Sunday.



Bird of Paradise said...

Annoying Liberals Stupid Snowflakes and Trecherous Demacrats

Anonymous said...

I don't think its accurate to refer to a member of a District Council as an 'MP'

Anonymous said...

An MP is a Member of Parliament, and this man was not one.

Anonymous said...

So a councilor makes a public statement on media exercising his right to free speech and the council shuts him down. How undemocratic and typical left. The fact that he is truthful makes no difference to the leftist loonies.