Thursday, May 18, 2017

Must not say that food can cheer you up

Even though it commonly does

McDonald's has sparked outrage after releasing an advert about a young boy mourning his late father who cheers up when he tucks into a burger.

Angry mothers of children who have lost a father, as well as a children's bereavement charity, have spoken out in protest at the advert - accusing McDonald's of 'exploitation'.

The UK's advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received a number of complaints about the latest campaign and is contemplating whether to investigate further.

The advert, made by London agency Leo Burnett, follows a teenage boy on a walk with his mother as she fondly reminisces about his father, with the boy negatively comparing himself to the man he hardly knew.

It's only at the end that he finds a connection to his late dad when he tucks into a Filet-O-Fish at a branch of McDonald's as it's revealed that the fish burger was his father's favourite too.

But dozens of people have expressed outrage on social media at McDonald's using a bereavement storyline for its latest campaign, calling it 'bad taste'.



Bird of Paradise said...

The P.C. nonzense is getting quite out of hand it seams you cant do anything these days without upsetting some little snowflakes who then whine about it all why cont they just ignore and enjoy this all without all the silly whining

Stan B said...

We will eventually outlaw all "story based" advertising. And then all stories in general because they might "trigger" someone. And then all advertising, for the same reason. Media will be outlawed, reading will no longer be taught...

Anonymous said...

Tough shit. Life is hard. get over it.