Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Racist bananas

On past precedent, this was probably the work of Leftists or blacks
American University is investigating after bananas scrawled with racist messages were found hanging from fixtures around the Washington D.C. campus Monday morning.

The bananas, strung up in black noose-like rope, were marked with the words "Harambe bait" — a reference to the lowland gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati zoo to protect a boy who fell into his enclosure and instantly became the subject of popular memes, some of which took on racist connotations — and "AKA free" in reference to Alpha Kappa Alpha, a predominantly Black sorority, and were found in three different places on campus.

The university president spoke out against the incident on Monday, calling it a "crude and racially insensitive act of bigotry."

"Racially charged acts of bigotry are done to instill fear and inflict pain in our community—especially at stressful times, such as at the end of the term," university President Dr. Neil Kerwin said in a statement on Monday night. "I regret this happened, apologize to everyone offended, and state emphatically that this incident does not reflect what American University truly is."

The campus president continued to state that despite the "targeted" nature of the incident, "our entire university community has been adversely affected by this cowardly, despicable act."



Bird of Paradise said...

Bananas will next on the ban list by the little collage snowflakes or is this just another hoax being carried out by someone looking for attention

Anonymous said...

Awwww, just get the f... over it already. Take it, throw it in the trash (or eat it), and go on with your life. All this offense and outrage just gives the perp power. Oh, and what are the odds that a minority of some sort hung the bananas?

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

I dont care for Bananas myself but i would gladly aruge for a persons right to eat one when ever the choose and if the sniveling whining,whimpering little snowflakes dont like it they can all go pound sand with carrot sticks in their ears

Anonymous said...

If anyone is suspect it will be a member of the leftist student union trying to create public support for a BS issue.